Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Guide for USMLE and other exams to study abroad

Many of us are interested in doing medicine Post Graduation in abroad; most preferably in the US, UK, etc., Little do we know about the procedure and steps involved in this.

I have found an e-book called, " The Doctor's Guide To Overseas Training". This e-book has detailed instructions about doing higher studies abroad. This e-book gives detailed information about the exams to be written for pursuing higher studies for every country, books to be followed,etc., This book is a powerful tool for every student aspiring to pursue higher studies in medicine, abroad.

This book lists the details to pursue higher studies for the following countries:

United States of America
United Kingdom
New Zealand

It gives the following details for each of the above countries:

About the exam
Exam preparation
Help sites
Link sites
Pass standards
Medical licensure
Suggested books
Job resources, etc.,

This e-book is in a pdf format, and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. I have zipped down this e-book.

To download this e-book from Rapidshare, click here.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

iPods, mp3 players, Xbox360, mobile phones for FREE !

Here's a website called Xpango, which gives you FREE iPods, mp3 players, gaming consoles like Xbox 360, mobile phones, etc.,

So, why are they doing this? Is this real?

Yes ! This is real, but at the same time, they expect a little from you.

Once you sign up to this website, select any cool gadget of your choice. Depending on the price of each gadget, you must earn enough credits/points to get the gadget.

Once you earn enough credits/points for the gadget you chose, you can redeem those points to get that gift. It's that easy !

For example, if you wish to have a Apple iPod Classic 160GB, you must earn just 23 credits/points. But, the actual price of iPod Classic is around Rs.14000/-

So, earn credits/points and fetch your free gadget !

But, how to earn credits/points?

After your signup, you will be given a referral ID and a link.

You can earn credits/points by any of these following ways:

1) Send e-mail invite to your friends and refer them to join.

2) Sign up for free with 3rd party offer and get free credits.

3) Have ads about this website in your site and blog and earn credits.

4) Auction the products in this website in ebay, Yahoo shopping, etc., and earn credits.

As above, there are lots of ways to promote your referral as listed in the website.

When you redeem your credits/points, the gadget will be shipped free of cost to your place, anywhere in the world.

Click here to sign up to Xpango and get free gadgets !

Click here to get your free mobile phone or apple ipod

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A cool { HOT ! } search engine !

Last week I came across a cool (HOT !) search engine. Though it is not as good as Google, it is more interesting and interactive ! This search engine requires Adobe flashplayer to run.

Once loaded,you will be greeted by a cute lady, Ms.Dewey. Her actual name is Janina Gavankar.
And, the greatest news is, she is an Indian ! She is a model, actress and a vocalist.

This search engine is powered by Windows Live Search, by Microsoft.

Click the link below to reach the search engine:

Everytime you search for any topic, Ms.Dewey notices your keystrokes, and interactes with you something about that. Try out these searches, and see what she does !

* Bush
* Osama (This is cool !)
* Love
* India ( This one's great !)
* iPod
* Microsoft
* Men

Try a lot like this !

To know a lot about Janina Gavankar, click here. This is her official website.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Orkut in your mobile !

Got so addicted to Orkut? Want to carry it wherever you go? There's a way to do this !

A GPRS enabled phone & an active GPRS connection (Airtel Mobile Office preferably; But, nowadays you can browse any website just by using the Airtel Live! configuration settings; But, you will be charged at the rate of 10 paise for every 15 kb)

{If you have a S40(Nokia 6020,6021,etc.,) range of mobiles, you can either Orkut or Gtalk, only one at a time. But with a S60 2X (Nokia 3230,6600,etc.,) or S60 3X (Nokia N series, E series) range of mobiles, you can do both at the same time and enjoy complete orkutting in your mobile}

Go to http://mini.opera.com/ in your mobile web browser and downlad the Opera mini application to your phone. (You can't browse Orkut with the symbian versions of Opera; So, avoid downlading the symbian versions)

After performing the connection test in your mobile phone, you can browse Orkut. But, you can't scrap, add friends, join communities, etc., through your mobile phone. You can only check the scraps and view profiles.

If you want Gtalk, Yahoo messengser, Skype, MSN in your mobile, then try either of the following applications in your mobile.

Reporo (JAVA application):

Go to the above link only from your mobile phone.(Doesn not work from a computer).

Nimbuzz (Symbian application):

iPod, digicam and mobile phones for free !

There are are a lot of websites which pay you for just reading the sms they send. Here is one, which is different. Instead of paying you, you can redeem the points you earn by receiving ads, referring friends, taking part in surveys and quiz competitions, for cool gadgets like mobile phones, digicams, iPods, etc., All for FREE !

You can also send free sms to your friends worldwide from your PC as well as your mobile.

The points you earn in this website are called "K".

For each friend you refer, you get 100K. And, for each survey you finish, you are awarded 500K.

If you wish to subscribe to mobiK, comment me your e-mail address in this post.
I will send the invite for you to join. You will get 100 K free on signup !

Earn money for just reading sms !

Hi ! Want to refill your wallet or want some extra pocket money?
Then, try subscribing too some websites which pay you for just reading the sms they send ! Yes, that's true.

As there is an enormous mobile subscriber base in India, the telemarketing companies took advantage of that and advertised their products through sms and calls.

But, now the government has some up with the "Do not disturb" registry for customers who do not want to receive such annoying telemarketing calls and sms. So, the telemarketers had to find some other way to reach the customers. As more and more people are subscribing to the "Do not disturb" registry, the telemarketers may loose their market.

To avoid that, there are some websites which acts as a moderator between the advertisers and the consumers.

You subscribe to such websites and get paid for the ads you receive !

You can also send free sms to your friends anywhere in India. And also get paid for reffering your friends to these serivces ! You can also know about the latest market products and offers.

I have listed below a few genuine such website links for you to subscribe.




Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Call your friends without letting them know your phone number !

Hi friends ! Whenever you want to call someone, you need to know their mobile number and when you call, your mobile number is visible to the person you call through the caller ID function.

Sometimes, you want to call some stranger or a newly acquired friend in a social networking site like orkut. But, you are afraid of sharing your mobile number with that person.

What if you call someone from your mobile without knowing their phone number and that person too can't see your mobile number? And that too for free? Sounds crazy??? But it's possible !

This is possible by just subscribing to a FREE service called jaxtr. Jaxtr connects your friends through your mobile and hides your phone number from getting displayed. And, most of all, its an absolutely free service.

Subscribe to Jaxtr here for FREE !

When you want to call someone through jaxtr, just share the link they provide and have fun !